preschool kids

October was community month at Kurious Kids Pre School in Cologne.  Teaching the importance of community to preschool children is a valuable lesson that can help kids develop important social and emotional skills.

Kurious Kids pre-school held a scarecrow contest with all the local businesses and then got to go out visiting them and judge them. It turned out to be a tie because the kids loved them all! 

Kurious Kids  held their 10th "Jumpstart Read For The Record".  Julie at Old National Bank read to students and had a little party.  The Cologne Lions donated this year's book, With Lots Of Love to each child so they can add it to their home library. 

Next, Kurious Kids invited the local fire department come for a quick visit and to share fire safety tips.  The kids got to see the Firemen in action as they received a fire call for a tractor on fire while they were visiting!

Finally, students at Kurious kids preschool in Cologne finished a great month with their Fall Festival.