kids at book fair

Central Elementary held their annual fall book fair October 12-16, 2023 in the Elementary Media Center. Media Specialist Kelly Street heads up this wonderful event, "I have such positive memories of the book fair when I was a kid. I loved how exciting it was to look at all the different books. It definitely helped spark my love of reading. Over the years that excitement hasn't changed, it has actually grown because now I get to see our students' joy as they come to the book fair. There is something magical about a kid connecting with a book, and the book fair definitely gets students excited about reading."

Proven benefits of reading books include:

Educational Advancement: Reading expands knowledge and enhances vocabulary. It is a proven fact that students who read regularly tend to perform better in academics. Books provide valuable information and stimulate critical thinking.

Imagination and Creativity: Books take young readers on adventures, spark their imagination, and encourage them to think creatively. It's like going on a journey without ever leaving the comfort of your home or classroom.

Empathy and Social Understanding: Reading books, especially those with diverse characters and themes, helps children understand different perspectives, cultures, and experiences. It fosters empathy and promotes an inclusive mindset.

Improved Concentration: Reading requires focus and concentration, which are skills that children can transfer to other areas of their lives, including schoolwork and extracurricular activities.

Stress Reduction: Reading can be a fantastic way to relax and de-stress. A good book can transport your child to a different world and provide a temporary escape from daily worries.

Building Strong Relationships: Reading together as a family can be a wonderful bonding experience. It provides an opportunity for shared stories and discussions.

Enhanced Communication Skills: Exposure to diverse language structures and styles of writing through books can help improve communication skills and boost reading and writing proficiency.