School custodians have changed cleaning routines to spend more time cleaning surfaces that are used frequently including desks and door handles. Schools have adequate supplies of soap, hand sanitizer, tissue and disinfectant. Handwashing in schools has been increased.

School nurses and health paraprofessionals will take extra precautions in the health office to prevent the spread of illness. Age and developmental needs of students will be considered.

The practices recommended to prevent spread of COVID-19 are the same ones we use with influenza and the common cold:

  • Wash hands with warm water and soap. Our students are given time to wash their hands regularly throughout the school day. Hand sanitizer is an acceptable alternative and is effective against COVID-19.
  • Cover your cough: Cough into your sleeve or elbow and not your hands.
  • Stay home if you or your family have symptoms of illness. Schools have attendance lines to report absences.
  • Avoid touching your face, especially your nose, eyes and mouth.
  • Do not share water bottles, cups/glasses, food, lip balm, etc.
  • Clean frequently-used surfaces (door handles, countertops, etc.)